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HearClearTV utilizes patented technologies that make everything sound clearer and richer.

Hear Your TV More Clearly

The Ultimate Listening Experience

HearClearTV remixes television audio in real time to greatly enhance the listening experience for the hard of hearing, – or anyone who wants a richer TV viewing experience.

Movies and television shows, with all of their background music, sound effects, etc. have not been produced for optimal sound through television speakers and/or sound bars.

Even if you have a hearing aid, without HearClearTV, you will still experience difficulty in hearing television dialogue clearly and you will find yourself constantly adjusting the volume up and down (mostly up).  HearClearTV fixes all of that!

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Easy Install

30 Day Guarantee

1 Year Warranty


HearClearTV is typically installed between a satellite or cable set top box and the TV.

There are two HDMI input ports available to accommodate input from two different sources.

There are two buttons on the front of the unit.  The first button switches from one input source to the other.  The second button turns the HearClearTV functionality on and off.  (This is a favorite for demonstrating the unit’s functionality to others!)


If you’re not completely satisfied, return the product within 30 Days for a Full Refund


Our warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship and runs for a period of one year from the date that your purchased your HearClearTV device.

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Works for ANYONE

“We purchased one of these for an elderly relative.  We thought we’d test it out first at home.  We couldn’t BELIEVE the difference!  We don’t have any trouble with our hearing, but it STILL made everything sound so much better and clearer!  We’re ordering more for us and other friends and relatives.”

I’m SOLD !!

“ We plugged this in and I could instantly tell the difference!  The only reason I EVER turn it off is to demonstrate the effectiveness to others.  I never have to ask anyone, “What did they say?” or rewind the shows.”

This is a GREAT Gift Idea !!

“ I got one of these for my Dad.  He had trouble understanding the dialogue on TV shows and often had to use closed captioning.  Since we installed it, he can hear things clearly even with the volume turned way back down to normal.  This is such a wonderful gift to give to someone!”

Get one for yourself or someone you know!


Award Winning
Television Audio Remastering Device

The biggest breakthrough in providing high quality digital audio for your television viewing, HearClearTV delivers unparalleled clarity, depth, fullness and volume throughout the entire frequency range without compromise. Experience the biggest sound you’ve ever heard without added distortion or loss of dynamic range.

Having a hearing-aid doesn’t fix the sound that is being processed through the TV’s speakers.

Experts in audio remastering have tuned their proprietary algorithms specifically for the hard-of-hearing so that anyone who struggles to hear the dialogue can now hear the audio more clearly as it is being remastered in real-time.

I want to Hear Clear TV!

Discounted Pricing through Hearing Care Providers

Contact your Audiological Clinic or Hearing Aid Center for special discounted pricing.

If you are a Service Provider and would like to offer HearClearTV to your patrons, please contact us for program information and pricing.

Enjoy Clearer, Richer Sound

Watching Your Favorite Shows

You can HearClearTV at much lower volumes!

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